Accessibility Tools

Patients can benefit greatly from the 1:1 sessions because the plan of care is individualized.  The educator uses a comprehensive diabetes book to lead the patients through the education, discussing topics such as diabetes process, blood sugar monitoring, preventing complications, medication management, exercise and nutrition.  A flexible meal plan is designed specifically for each patient.  Patients can also ask questions or express feelings they may not feel comfortable talking about in a group setting.

Education of the following topics is provided to patients during individual sessions:

  • Initial diabetes education
  • Diabetes refresher
  • Meter instruction
  • Insulin instruction or adjustment
  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Pre-diabetes (patients with higher-than-normal blood sugars, but not high enough to be considered diabetes at this time)

To schedule an appointment for one on one diabetes education, please contact our office at 816-842-4440.