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Group class education is geared towards patients who seek information on diabetes, weight management, heart health and overall healthy lifestyle management. The 1 hour class is offered the first and third Saturday of each month by our diabetes educator.  Class size ranges from 2 to 15 people and encourages open discussion and participation by all attendees.

Activities, visuals and real-life situations help the group learn from one another and think critically to solve problems related to their diabetes.  Patients are also encouraged to set up a 1:1 appointment with the diabetes educator to design a specific meal plan.

Patients are given numerous handouts, booklets and instructions to manage their diabetes, as well as contact information for the diabetes educator when they receive education.

To attend one of the group class education sessions, please contact our office at 816-842-4440.

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“Healthier You” Classes 2016

Attend one or more of our FREE classes offered throughout the year. All classes are held on-site at Clay Platte Family Medicine Clinic. 

Classes are held: Saturdays from 11:00am - 12:00 noon
Wednesdays from 5:30 pm - 7:00pm

Diabetes Prevention/Pre-Diabetes

Learn the steps you need to take to prevent diabetes, avoid spikes and dips in blood sugar and insulin, improve energy levels and lose belly fat. This class is designed for those who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, or have risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes.
Class dates:
   Saturdays July 9th, August 20th, Oct 8th, Nov 19th

Diabetes 101

A general overview of diabetes, designed for those both newly diagnosed or who have had diabetes for many years and would like to get a refresher course of newly updated information. Review insulin resistance and how
it affects the body, monitoring blood sugars, lab and blood sugar goals, and meal planning for diabetes.  Participants will receive a blood sugar meter, if needed.
Class dates:
   Saturdays July 23rd, Sept 10th, Oct 22nd, Dec 3rd

Heart Health

Find out the most up-to-date research regarding heart health; debunk myths surrounding diet, and learn how to incorporate manageable lifestyle changes. Understand what your lipid numbers mean and how you can improve them, along with how to reduce inflammation in your body to prevent and reduce complications related to heart disease.
Class dates:
   Saturday August 6th, Sept 17th, Nov 5th, Dec 10th

NEW – 4-Part Healthy Living Program

Join us for this 4-part newly developed healthy living program! Perfect for those who want to lose weight, balance hormones, gain energy, and/or improve their overall health in a group setting. Weekly session topics include setting specific health goals, creating long-lasting change, optimal nutrition with whole foods, the importance of exercise and staying hydrated, and other lifestyle factors such as stress management. For those who would like to participate, body measurements including body fat percentage will be taken and tracked throughout the program. A Workbook including meal plans, recipes, basic exercise regimen, and food/activity tracker will be provided. It is highly recommended that participants attend each week of the series to get the full benefit of the program. Series co-taught with Health Coach Quinn Jones.
Class dates (Wednesdays)
   (1st program) July 6th, 13th, & 27th, August 3rd
   (2nd program) November 2nd, 9th & 30th, December 7th

NEW Healthy Living Support Group

Looking for ongoing support to help meet your wellness goals? Come meet with like-minded patients to discuss various health and wellness topics, create goals, and find support to achieve them. Topics include healthy eating (prediabetes and diabetes management, weight loss, more energy, etc.), exercise, stress reduction, improved sleep, and motivation.
   Meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month 7pm at CPFMCI.
   No registration required.

Call scheduling to register (816) 842-4440