Accessibility Tools

Patients wear the CGMS iPro Recorder for three days, after which providers can review the data and use the results to uncover glucose patterns and optimize patient therapy.  Based on the detailed glycemic profiles collected from the CGMS iPro Recorder, providers can better tailor diabetes treatment programs for each patient.  This may be particularly helpful for patients who experience inconsistent high and low glucose levels, who experience hypoglycemia unawareness and who generally desire better control, as well as for women with gestational diabetes (pregnant women with diabetes).

The CGMS iPro Recorder is attached to a tiny glucose sensor inserted just under the skin.  During the course of three days, the recorder automatically measures and stores glucose values during daily activities like work, sleep, eating and exercise.  After the recording period is completed, the patient returns to the provider’s office where the device is removed and downloaded.  The provider can then generate and interpret detailed glucose reports to determine changes to the patient’s therapy.

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