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It is important to the providers at Clay Platte Family Medicine Clinic that health care is affordable and accessible to patients who are “self-pay” or who do not have health insurance coverage. Please see the list below for a sample of rates that we charge for routine medical services. Please note that this is not an inclusive list and that rates are subject to change and are based on the complexity of your office visit:

New Patient Visit $  78.00 - $210.00
Established Patient Visit $  72.00 - $192.00
Electrocardiogram (EKG) $  72.00
Incision & Drainage Of An Abscess-Cyst     $156.00
Injection Of A Major Joint $162.00
Chest X-ray $  70.00
Blood Draw With Lab Handling Fee $  30.00
Administration Of A Single Vaccine $  30.00
MMR Vaccine $  72.00
Flu Vaccine $  20.00 - $30.00
Depo Medrol Injection $  42.00 - $52.00
Vitamin B-12 Injection $  42.00
Cholesterol Check $100.00
DT Injection $  30.00

If you have any questions about your charges for your services received at Clay Platte Family Medicine Clinic, please contact our billing office at (816) 842-4440.